Outback Queensland

Outback Queensland is a region rich with awe-inspiring landscapes, rugged roads, cultural heritage of our pioneering history, and fair dinkum friendly locals.

The landscape offers a diverse range of wetlands, rocky mountains, desert sand dunes and gushing rivers set between country towns, old fashioned pubs, farms, cattle stations and mining communities.

Today the Queensland Outback is not so isolated. With plenty of sealed roads, extensive day tours, modern facilities and an extensive range of accommodation options you can experience this culturally rich region without having to lead an expedition to do so.

The area is fast becoming a tourist route for local and international visitors, causing a growth of tourist attractions throughout the region. Small rural towns that still maintain that country feel now offer accommodation, tours, dining and information centres for those passing through.

On or off the beaten track, Outback Queensland is a big country to explore that is bound to provide unforgettable holiday experiences. Scroll down or click on the below links to find out more: 

South West Queensland

South West Queensland thumbnail read more Queensland’s Southern Outback is a blaze of colour, wide open spaces, National Parks and the deep rivers of Mulga. The name ‘Channel Country’ comes from the intertwined rivulets throughout the region. There are endless bushwalking trails through the phenomenal landscapes, not to mention billabongs, lakes, rivers and a myriad of native bird life.

Central West Queensland

Central West Queensland thumbnail read more Central West Queensland is the source of much of Australia’s iconic history. It’s where Banjo Paterson wrote and first performed ‘Waltzing Matilda’, international airline Qantas was founded and the 1891 shearer’s strike that led to the formation of the Australian Labor Party began out here.

North West Queensland

North West Queensland thumbnail read more The region of North West Queensland epitomises the term ‘sunburnt country’ as the terrain is mostly arid or savannah country. While cattle grazing is significant in the area the main money earner is mining, with 70% of the population living in Mount Isa, close to the Mount Isa Mines.

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