Mackay Map

Mackay is located about halfway up the Queensland Coast, around 13 hours drive north from Brisbane or 9.5 hours south from Cairns.

The Mackay Isaac region is known for its endless sandy beaches, ancient coral reefs teeming with tropical marine life, lush tropical rainforests and the golden hinterland. The climate remains near perfect all year round and there is a myriad of real Aussie towns and experiences in and around the city of Mackay.

Surrounding Mackay are the towns of Sarina, Hay Point and Sarina Beach to the south, Broken River and Mirani to the west, Slade Point, Blacks Beach, Dolphin Heads, Busasia, Ball Bay Halliday Bay and Seaforth.

Brampton Island lies off the coast and the region also includes some amazing National Parks like Eungella National Park to the north-west near Broken River, Cape Hillsborough National Park on the coast and Cape Palmerston National Park to the south.

Mackay Map

Mackay Map, Queensland Tourism

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