Queensland News

Most people like to escape while they’re on holiday, to simply switch off and enjoy themselves. If you’re still curious as to what’s going on around you it can’t hurt to follow the local news sites.

If you pay attention to the local news where you’re staying you’ll actually find more things to see and do, such as events not necessarily targeted at tourists. Smaller towns and regions will often have fetes, fairs, parades and the like which are perfect for family days out.

Having an understanding of the major issues in town will place you in a better position to get along and have more to talk about with the locals. Also, you’ll know what to watch out for; such as police traffic blitzes, upcoming weather conditions, road and venue closures and whatever else may somehow affect your holiday.

We’ve put together a few of the main news websites for the main regions of Queensland. Have a brief look at what’s going on where you’re thinking of going.


  • The ABC has a page focusing on Queensland news and stories.


Capricorn Coast

Gold Coast

North Queensland

Outback Queensland

Southern Downs

Sunshine Coast