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Real Estate in Queensland

With its warm climate and laid back lifestyle, Queensland has long been a migration destination for many Australians.

The geographical size of Queensland makes an overall assessment of the state’s real estate market quite difficult.

But the low interest rates of late have seen the real estate market doing rather well, with particular growth in mining regions and tourist centres.

If you’re thinking of making the move north or even just investing in property up here, we’ve put together a basic outline of the better areas, median housing prices, and the latest booming regions.


Best Locations to Buy Real Estate

South East and Central Queensland are still Australia’s strongest growing populations, with Brisbane, Ipswich, the Gold Coast and Mackay home to the majority of this growth.

Port cities do consistently well with the support of the mining industry. For this reason places like Townsville, Rockhampton and Toowoomba also tend to remain fairly stable in regards to real estate investment. 

The best performing markets in Queensland are the mining regions, with the appeal of plenty of flights in and out as well as a high expendable income being spent in the local area.

Booming Real Estate Regions

Airlie Beach of the Whitsundays region, though reliant almost entirely on tourism, boasts a good property market full of buying opportunities. The township of Airlie Beach has good amenities, an abundance of shops, restaurants, parks and tourist activities, as well as Proserpine Airport which connects with most major areas of Australia. Property here is popular for investors offering holiday rentals, or workers from fly-in fly-out mining jobs that want to live by the beach.

Mackay, Toowoomba and Gladstone have also been experiencing a boom thanks to the mining sector, and it’s expected to continue for years to come. This mining surge has not just brought employees of the mining companies to the area, but also their families and several people employed in services that cater to the industry. Property prices have been steadily rising, as well as a growth in the rental market.

Median House Prices

Your overall median price for houses on the Queensland market is $400,000 and units are at $346,000. We have included this information by region as follows:

  • Airlie Beach medium house price: $377,250
  • Brisbane medium house price: $442,500
  • Cairns medium house price: $358,500
  • Gold Coast medium house price: $428,250
  • Mackay medium house price: $428,250
  • Mount Isa medium house price: $370,000
  • Port Douglas medium house price: $473,000
  • Rockhampton medium house price: $339,500
  • Sunshine Coast medium house price: $440,000
  • Toowoomba medium house price: $308,000
  • Townsville medium house price: $366,000

Where to Live?

Eagle Street, Brisbane CityThere are plenty of wonderful places in Queensland that people would love to call home. Where you settle is all dependant on your interests, work and family lifestyle. We can tell you a bit about the more populated locations people seem to flock to, but in the end it’s all up to you.

Airlie Beach – Sitting right at the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef and the Whitsundays Islands, Airlie beach is a sub-tropical paradise that experiences a constant flow of tourists while enjoying a laid back, beach side lifestyle.

Brisbane – Queensland’s capital city, Brisbane is a vibrant city with something for everyone. There are schools and universities with great education systems, plenty of business centres and places to work, shopping centres, an attractive housing market, and a range of things to see and do. You could never be bored living here.

Cairns – Ideally located in far north Queensland’s tropical hot spot, Cairns is a popular tourist stop as well as a great place to live for Australians that love the heat, summer sun, and outdoor life.

Gold Coast – Quite simply, the Gold Coast is famous for fun. It’s a prime holiday location for people all over Australia that come here for the beaches, theme parks, shopping and tourist attractions. It’s also home to several good schools and universities, some tranquil little beach side suburbs, a tranquil hinterland area, and some of the best surfing breaks in the world.

Mackay – Nicknamed the sugar capital of Australia as it produces more than a third of the country’s cane sugar, Mackay is a major regional centre on the east coast of Queensland. While sugar and mining are the main resources of Mackay, there is a busy marine port that sees a great deal of vessels pass through every year, as well as a slowly growing tourism industry.

Mount Isa – Considered an oasis in the desert, Mount Isa is a thriving mining town of 24,000. With 8 primary schools and 3 high schools (government and public schools at all levels), as well as a full range of sporting clubs, the town is a great place for raising children.

Port Douglas – Less than an hour north of Cairns and situated between two remarkably beautiful World Heritage listed National Parks, Port Douglas is a relaxed, beachside town for those that appreciate the natural environment. While it is a tourist destination, building height is capped to maintain the scenery and it never really gets hectic busy. It’s where you go to live in paradise.

Rockhampton – Rockhampton is among the top 20 most family friendly cities in Australia. There’s a laidback lifestyle you can’t find in the capital cities. There are also plenty of educational facilities, a university, plenty of shopping and a low crime rate.

Sunshine Coast – Nestled between a pristine coastline and lush hinterland, the Sunshine Coast is an ideal holiday destination for families as well as a great place to settle down and start one. You’ll find all the amenities, services and employment that major cities have to offer with a prevailing, relaxed beach town atmosphere.

Toowoomba – Known as a garden city, Toowoomba is one of Australia’s largest inland cities and one of the most scenic from its position up above Lockyer Valley. Toowoomba enjoys a slightly cooler climate thanks to its elevation, plenty of historic buildings and a great community mentality. Did I mention lots of parks and Gardens?

Townsville – Still a regional hub for north Queensland, Townsville is slowly becoming a tourist destination for its warm, sunny weather, beautiful scenery and vast array of activities and attractions. There are plenty of schools, shopping centres, services and amenities available, and a broad housing market that has something for all walks of life and budgets.