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Queensland Dining

Queensland is not just a source of wonderful landscapes, picturesque beaches and amazing outdoor holidays; it’s here that you will find some spectacular dining.

Set between some of the best beef farms in the country and on the shores of prime fishing regions, coastal Queensland restaurants can boast some of the tastiest beef and freshest sea foods. Add to this mix truly fresh local produce, fine local wines and experienced, innovative chefs and you have a melting pot of cuisines just waiting for you to taste.

Due to its cultural diversity you’ll find Queensland has a notable Asian and Mediterranean influence in its dishes that have been tailored to go with the beef, Moreton Bay Bugs, Bowen mangoes and Barramundi that thrive in the region.

Brisbane Dining

Brisbane has grown remarkably in recent years to support a population of some two million residents plus a constant tourist population. Luckily the dining precincts have grown, expanded, multiplied and evolved to include a wonderful range of cafes, gourmet menus and fine dining restaurants.

Queen Street Mall offers perhaps the most diverse cluster of restaurants offering Asian, Australian, and European menus with the outdoor pubs and cafes in the middle strip promoting a vibrant, cosmopolitan vibe. Chinatown has been remodelled with a new yet traditional look and still has a vast array of Asian cuisines. Park Road in Milton has a very European village feel in the little strip iconic for the miniature Eiffel Tower statue in the middle of the restaurants.

There too many dining precincts to mention here so maybe you should head into Brisbane to check them out for yourself.

Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast Dining

The Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast have attracted some of the best cooks in the country. In fact, the Gold Coast has more restaurants per capita than any other region in Australia, helping to cater for the bustling tourist population that is constantly visiting the coast.

The Sunshine Coast's Noosa has rapidly become one of Australia's premier destinations for dining as a result of the culinary awards the restaurants there have been receiving. You’ll also find some wonderful restaurants in Mooloolaba, Caloundra, Maroochydore, and the Hinterland.

The cooler southeast Queensland country hosts a wide range of wineries, many of which offer fine dining and accommodation. These regions are famous for their vineyards and orchards, gardens and National Parks, oh-so-cosy Bed and Breakfasts (B&Bs) and grand homesteads.

Outback Australian Dining

If you're searching for the essence of Australia, you may well find it in Outback Queensland - the home of Waltzing Matilda and birthplace of Qantas. A hearty meal in an outback pub is a quintessentially Australian experience.

Enjoy the traditional Australian meals and the beer that goes perfectly with it, but remember having a yarn (chat) over a meal is one of the important parts of dinner time out here. Get to know the locals and the atmosphere will make the meal an experience.

Island Dining

Queensland has an amazing mix of natural attractions. In fact, it's home to five World Heritage areas: the Wet Tropics Rainforests, the Riversleigh Fossil Fields, the Central Eastern Rainforest, Fraser Island and the Great Barrier Reef.

Fraser Island is the world's largest sand island and an ecological masterpiece, with pristine freshwater lakes, towering ancient rainforests and a diversity of flora and fauna. An award winning resort provides the perfect base for exploring this World Heritage Island and also serves some pretty decadent seafood dishes.

In the turquoise waters of the Whitsundays, you have your choice of 70-something islands. Several have resorts, including one of the 'Leading Hotels of the World'. Many more remain untouched. Take a bareboat charter and explore them all. With the largest charter fleet in the country, this is where maxi racers come to retire, the Whitsundays is the pleasure boating capital of Australia. Catch a reef fish for dinner and have a barbecue on the deck.

North Queensland Dining

The cosmopolitan yet relaxed cities of Townsville and Cairns are gateways to the tropical north, the Reef and Gulf, the resort towns of Port Douglas and Mission Beach, and another world of adventure and fine, fresh local food.

The restaurants around here benefit from the abundant exotic fruits, fresh seafood, deep-water fish, gulf barramundi and some of the sweetest mud crabs.