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QLD Activities

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This sunny, regional river city has so much to offer. With a wonderfully warm climate, proximity to the Great Barrier Reef and several National Parks, Rockhampton is the perfect place for a real Queensland holiday.

There are plenty of outdoor activities to partake in here, from sailing on the coastal waters to 4WD tracks through the bush, fishing, swimming, golf and even water sports.

If the myriad of outdoor activities don’t interest you then take a drive down the Heritage Route to see preserved and restored old architecture of the colonial days, head to the Botanic Gardens to visit the animals of the zoo, or simply find a restaurant to appreciate a truly fresh steak in the Beef Capital of Australia.

Attractions & Things To Do

Fitzroy River, Capricorn Coast


Rockhampton is home to many renowned festivals for music and arts. Plan your holiday to make the most of the Multicultural Festival, CQU Open Day, The Village Festival of Arts & Music, the Big River Jazz or any other festival that you can be sure will involve days of live music and great local foods.


Visit the Kershaw Gardens, formerly a rubbish dump that was transformed into a beautiful garden made up of native Australian plants. The Botanic Gardens in the city are home to some specimens that are over 100 years old among the well-manicured grounds. The gardens also house the Rockhampton Zoo which includes salt and freshwater crocodiles, red kangaroos, koalas, chimpanzees and even the rare Cassowary.

National Parks

Among the other National Parks in the area, the most significant to Rockhampton would be Mount Archer National Park. The mountain rises up out of the northeast suburbs to offer views of the city from the lookout at 604 metres above sea level.

Situated right on the Tropic of Capricorn, Rockhampton experiences a humid subtropical climate. There is a definite wet and dry season though the city generally experiences about 300 days of sunshine each year. The area does experience winter and spring fogs as well as summer thunderstorms.

Getting There

Rockhampton is an important transport centre for the Central Queensland region providing links between the Central Highlands and Capricorn Coast regions to the north and south of the state. As a result car travel to the city is rather easy as it is at the main junction of the Bruce Highway, the Central Western Highway and the Capricorn Highway.

Air travel through Rockhampton Airport is regular and offers flights to major cities and regional destinations throughout Queensland. The North Coast Railway runs through the city and trains pass through from Cairns and Brisbane, connecting most of the Queensland coastline.

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